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MJ90YA Precision Panel Saw

MJ90YA Precision Panel Saw

Technical parameter:
Dimension of sliding table 3000×370mm
Gross cut capacity 3000mm
Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence 1250mm
Saw blade diameter φ300(φ250-φ300mm)
Height of cut 65mm
Diameter of guide shaft spindle ∮30mm
Speed of main saw spindle 4000/6000rpm
Main spindle diameter φ30mm
Tilting saw blade 90°
Main motor 5.5KW
Scoring saw blade diameter ∮120mm
Speed of scoring saw blade 8000r/min
Scoring spindle diameter φ20mm
Scoring motor 0.75kw
Net weight 580kg
weight 690kg
Overall dimensions 2900×3360×840mm


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