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  • MZ73031A Verical Single lining hinge driller
MZ73031A Verical Single lining hinge driller

MZ73031A Verical Single lining hinge driller

Drilling and drilling has a large drilling range, and the drill used uses Shaanxi speed joints, which is convenient and quick;
The drilling depth and drilling distance are all photoelectric sensor switches, which are accurate and accurate in positioning;
Imported original brand-name drill row, linear guide, slider, durable;
Equipped with a size digital calculator to improve work efficiency;
The machine tool parts are made of high-quality steel, which are treated by high-temperature annealing (eliminating internal stress) and never deformed;
Technical Parameters:

Maximum drilling diameter φ50mm
Maximum drilling depth 60mm
Processing pitch 220-815mm
Number of drill axes 3轴
Rotating speed 2840r/min
Motor Power 1.5kw
Adapt to air pressure 0.6-0.8mpa
Dimensions 800 x 750 x1700mm

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