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  • R6-1000 Special polishing machine
R6-1000 Special polishing machine

R6-1000 Special polishing machine

1. This machine is mainly used for the polishing of door panels and primers, including the actual door, double door, sticker door, cabinet door, wardrobe door and other door panels.
2, can meet the different polishing requirements of most furniture factories. Can be used for white embryo parts, PU primer polishing, uv primer polishing, PE primer polishing.
3. The machine is divided into a vertical rotating sanding roller, a brushing disc and a lateral smoothing roller.

Technical parameter:

Processing speed 1000mm
Processing thickness 110mm
Sanding wrench minimum length ≥450mm
Each group of swing motor power (frequency conversion frequency) power 0 25kw
Overall lifting power 0.75kw
Spiral roller motor
2 2kw*8,螺旋辊直径300,螺旋辊转速0-200人r/min
Brush disk inverter motor
Conveying motor power 2.2kw
Dimensions (length × width × height) 3300×1800×2200mm
net weight 4500kg
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